Have You "Been Had"?

photo courtesy of http://www.lets-think-big.com/

Ever get that sinking, sickening, twisting feeling in your stomach (the kind that grows, that worms its way through your veins, gripping your brain, holding your heart as if a vice-grip, pulsing in your toes and returning to throb in your head)?

Intuition or manifestation?

Only through mis-directed individuals, mind-game players, and lamp-lighters  have I been told I’m “just imagining things”. (Myself included in the above aforementioned characters).

Ever get that wondrous, uplifting, soaring feeling in your body (the kind that grows, that barrels through your limbs, bursting from fingertips and toes, your entire sense of self sensing a sort-of flight)?

Intuition or manifestation?

Chasing the experience is akin to addiction. Neither is forever.