Rise and Shine meditation

Rise and Shine: Promoting Clarity and Energy for a Productive Day in 5 Steps.

  1. Wake and take 4 deep breaths, inhaling fully and exhaling equally deep.
  2. Lay flat on you bed and pull one knee as close to your chest as you comfortably can. Hold it there for one inhale and while exhaling bring your leg flat to the bed again.
  3. Repeat with the other leg, bending at the knee and pulling your knee close to your chest and with the exhale extend your leg flat and down to your bed again.
  4. Now, inhale and bend both knees, gently pulling them in toward your chest, hold for a moment then release them both back to the bed while exhaling.

    During this time focus your attention on how your body feels. Is it tense in some areas? Imagine you are breathing out the tension upon each exhale and upon each inhalation you are gathering motivation, positive energy
    and clarity into your entire body and mind.

  5. While lying flat take 4 more deep breaths, inhaling fully and exhaling deeply.

Remember, all things are connected. Give thanks for the new day. Rise and shine.

Have You "Been Had"?

photo courtesy of http://www.lets-think-big.com/

Ever get that sinking, sickening, twisting feeling in your stomach (the kind that grows, that worms its way through your veins, gripping your brain, holding your heart as if a vice-grip, pulsing in your toes and returning to throb in your head)?

Intuition or manifestation?

Only through mis-directed individuals, mind-game players, and lamp-lighters  have I been told I’m “just imagining things”. (Myself included in the above aforementioned characters).

Ever get that wondrous, uplifting, soaring feeling in your body (the kind that grows, that barrels through your limbs, bursting from fingertips and toes, your entire sense of self sensing a sort-of flight)?

Intuition or manifestation?

Chasing the experience is akin to addiction. Neither is forever.

Inspired to Blog

I love reflecting, connecting and dissecting (ideas and feelings – not frogs or the likes of such).

Thus, I shall blog.

My goal is to mash together my own musings, artwork, craft projects, life lessons and the things I notice in my profession – plastering them here, on this lovely internet for all to see (or not see).

I picked the name “Natural Serendipity” because I see Divinity in Nature and not just trees, rivers and rocks – Nature surrounds us and we are the connectors between our world and the multiverse. Shedding the layers of roles applied by society, we can allow our innate abilities to shine. Those abilities include feeling, thinking and being happily in existence in this life, on this planet, in this time – here and now.