Busy Bee Micro Meditation

I daydream of meditating for hours. Laying or sitting in silence. My body comfortable and my mind clear. My reality is I am a super busy momma/wife/solopreneur/student. There are things to be done of which I must do. So, I micro-meditate.

My intention is less stress and I do not attempt to clear my mind. I diversify my mind beyond the thoughts of “to-do”. I imagine all those thoughts coming into my mind as an entire field of wildflowers. An entire field of wildflowers excites the bees. Those pollinators buzzing about are tending to my thoughts. It’s okay to have a multitude of thoughts because right now that is naturally me.

I invite you to micro-meditate with me. Let’s make a flower field and create a buzz. Let’s bloom vibrancy.

My Busy Bee Micro-Meditation:

Sit comfortably, anywhere, anytime.



Imagine each breath softening the edges of where my body meets my environment.

Breathing out BIG – pulling belly button toward my spine with full exhalation.

Breathe IN big – chest expanding, belly inflating like a balloon.

Find my rhythm like water as it gently rolls to and from shore.

Sitting engaged, activated, gently turn my neck (chin over shoulder) as though looking straight next to me, pause for full inhale and exhalation, closing eyes briefly.

Repeat for other direction, breathing gently, moving slowly, gently, flowingly.

My breath is gently, calmly naturally, comfortable.

Palms Up, Breathe in purpose, exhale waste, inhale certainty, exhale tension.

In this moment I am here. Right here in this moment.

Notice where I feel tension in my body, place my palms there and breathe into those places. Feel peaceful waves of love entering those places with each round of breath.

I breathe out discomfort. Breathe in softness. Breathe out disdain. Inhale calm certainty. Gently breathe out, peacefully exhale fully, completely. Continue to place palms on my body where I notice a sensation of discomfort. Breathing IN healing energy. Exhaling in love.

When I am ready to end this practice I place my palms down.

I am aware of my presence in this room. I can feel my whole self as it is grounded to the Earth, my shoulders, neck and head connected to the Universe. My heart center is open to highest light and pure love. My entire body is aware and awake and my mind knows all things are manageable. With calm certainty, I focus my eyes lovingly on my surroundings.

Continuing to breathe calmly and fully a few more times until I am ready to get up and get other things done.

Optional: Journal 5 minutes. Discuss: reflection, challenge, actions

Like a bee collecting pollen to create honey, gather your calm certainty and create loving kindness for yourself and others

~ In Peace and Compassion ~

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