Back to the Basics: Just Breathe

Here’s a little tip from me to you: Don’t hold your breath. Breathe in and breathe out, center and ground yourself. It seems so very basic because it IS so very basic.

In my yoga teacher training classes, in my practice and studies of reiki and in various textbooks regarding treatment for anxiety and anger there is a common thread that indicates controlled breathing as very useful and powerful tool to regulate emotions.

Our breath is an irreplaceable part of our life force. We have to breath to remain alive. SO, without further ado here is

Blue Sky’s Basic Breathing 


Breathe IN

“I am Light”

Breathe OUT

“I am Love”

Breathe IN


Breathe OUT





Breathe calmly and normally in silence for a few seconds. Ask yourself where you feel  tension in your body and pretend with every breath you exhale that tension is softening. Softening, softening, softening.



Placing your hands over your root chakra, envision red and say “I am safe. I trust more. I fear less. I am centered and grounded”.  – 3 MORE TIMES

Placing your hands over your third eye chakra, envision violet/purple hues and say “I honor my intuition. I accept my path. I am healing mind, body and spirit”. – 3 MORE TIMES



Place your hands over your heart and say “I AM LOVE. I AM LOVED. I LET LOVE IN. I AM LOVING. I AM LOVEABLE. I AM LOVE” – 3 MORE TIMES


Breathe calmly, breathe fully, breathe deeply and purposefully. It is part of your nature, you are not separate from the natural world.

~ In Peace and Compassion ~

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