Still Learning to Love Myself

My hope for abundance hastened my judgement when I dug up the bulbs from my garden. Announcing with pride my stumbled upon find I revealed their freshly dug flesh to the sun. I bathed them in the full Summer Solstice moon. I exploited them through camera lens and posted them for the eyes of anyone who scrolled past my Facebook page. Bulbs of which I mistook for garlic when in fact they are tulips.

Days later, upon realizing my folly, I noticed a familiar tug from my ego. A not-so-friendly voice within assigned ideas of embarrassment. Quickly I quieted the ego and gratefully, smiled with myself in ease. This is not always been something I’ve easily done. I have worked hard to experience the acceptance of self.

This particular experience shined a light on the fact that profound life lessons do not always require drama, trauma or crisis. I found in the palm of my hands a reminder to honor all of life. A reminder that the nature of things are not always what they seem, even when I see them with my own eyes. Just as I will re-place the bulbs back into the Earth and await their smile in spring I re-place my self compassion into my way of being and bloom.



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