The Hulk in Suburbia

Sometimes I liken myself to The Hulk. I’m always mad but I don’t always smash.

Then I realize that I am not always mad; rather, I am almost always easily irritated by people when I’ve little time alone. When I begin turning more Hulk-ish I downright feel seething furiousness toward people, at people, with people and if I don’t get away I fear I will regret my reaction to this feeling.

Please note: I would never go so far as to maliciously harm a person or go on a Hulk-like rampage and destroy massive amounts of property. However, I have fantasized about totally trashing my desk, violently swiping everything atop to the floor, kicking the items across the hall, hoisting the entire desk over my head, hurling it across the room with a twisted delight at the sights and sounds of my destructive scene.

It is these times, when I begin to fancy myself the strength of a comic book character, that I must collect my emotions, slow my beating heart and seek solitude. I prefer solitude in a natural setting, birds, trees, flowing water, earth and sky – no people.

Often, this is not an option due to residential location and family obligation. Alas, I’ve only my mind’s eye (memories and daydreams) and imagination as a means to seek solace in pseudo-solitude.

What is the best way you handle your irritable moments?

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